I Create Innovative, Intuitive & Powerful Minecraft Plugins

My Work

I make Bukkit plugins, websites, and heaps of other cool stuff!


Being my most downloaded plugin, JOPHWarn reigns supreme when it comes to user discipline plugins. With the most valuable features, and an easy to use interface, how can one simply go wrong?!


Ever wanted to teleport all oneline players to a certain location? Ever wanted to run that awesome game of spleef? With this majestically awesome plugin, you can do that with ease!


isthispersonaweso.me is a PHP web app I made recently so you can check out how awesome you are! There's also a mobile app!


DeathSwap Payout is an addon to hawkfalcon's Bukkit adaption of the PvP minigame DeathSwap. It gives server administrators the option to automatically give rewards to players who win, and punish (or reward) losers. It also has a feature so that players have to pay to have a match.


BukkitStaff is an awesome plugin, just type the name of any bukkitdev or bukkitforums staff and receive an awesome message!


BuyNodes is your one-stop-shop for letting users buy permission nodes. With an easy to use setup, and vault integration, it makes you wonder; is there anything buynodes can't do!?


Titlez is neat plugin that allows certain groups to set custom titles!


JOPHPromote is a plugin that adds some pretty cool rankup features. When a player says the 'rankup phrase' JOPHPromote will rank them up to the specified group!


JOPHSpawner allows players to mine Mob Spawners and mine Dragon Eggs, provided they have the correct permission nodes


Cobby is an IRC bot that I made. You'll find him on the esper network. If you'd like Cobby to join your channel, just /invite him. Please do not abuse Cobby, he will cry and I'll have to blacklist your channel.

Number Of the Second

NOS is a simple webpage script I made in javascript one day in IT. All it does is tells you the 'number of the second', ikr, it's great! Find me here


Clicky is another simple javascript website I made in IT. You click the button, and it increases your click amount. It even saves your click amount to a cookie so you don't have t start over when you leave! Find me here

About Me

Minecrafter, Bukkit Elder, Developer, Student

My name is Joseph, otherwise know by my internet pseudonym, JOPHESTUS. At school I like to do Chemistry, Physics & Legal Studies. After school I want to study chemistry and physics and be a high-school science teacher or a politician.

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Get in contact with me if you have any issues, requests etc.

If you've any reason or need to contact me, whether it be for the purpose of requesting an IRC Bouncer user, Plugin support or other general enquiries, make a ticket over at support.jophest.us

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